Why The Mission Says "Fuck Dan Plasma"

It seems some people out there are curious why Dan Plasma's “beloved” tiger mural on 15th and Valencia keeps getting fucked up (which, at this point, I think we can all agree the wall looks absolutely terrible).  Well, Mike Giant cheerfully sums up the drama, and signals why the side of Pica Pica won't look nice anytime soon.

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What the hell? This guy sounds like he’s about to cry. If you think writing your name on a wall is serious enough to get all emotional over, it’s time to get some perspective on life.

I love Giant’s skill. That being said, why is it that graffiti folks always get so damn sensitive about someone scribbling on their work? It’s the very nature of the medium. How many times has Giant scribbled or stickered on someone’s private property, forcing them to deal with it?

I have so much to say, I’m going to have to type it as I remember it, even if it doesn’t follow the sequence of the vid.

I agree with Giant about Plasma painting over commissioned stuff, but one of the ones that he points out in Caledonia is one that Plasm did with Bodé on the church wall, figuring that if they threw up religious-themed stuff it would discourage tags, toilet behavior etc. I don’t recall seeing Giant participating in that, but maybe I missed a day when I watched its progress. OK; enough about that.

I do agree that Plasma has bombed on walls that he had no business doing, and the most egregious one was the Banksy on Commercial Street; he bought himself a shitload of ill will with that coat-tailing. That, plus the fact that he’s started stuff, then left the commissions hanging; like he did with the old Palestinian man on Page Street. If he had some integrity, he would have backed up and finished what he started.

I’m not a fan of writers; to me it’s nothing but vanity plates, but yeah, Giant had a shiny name (let’s call it what it is; a tag) up on Caledonia in 2009, but by the same token, Plasma was praising it with, “Bad Ass” ; that’s a direct quote.

Personally, I can’t get with Giant’s argument; too many writers put shit up on places where they’d profit from not writing, but that’s me.

The one thing that Plasma and writers such as Giant, JAST, etc., have, is their same ol’, same ol’ approach ; it’s rarely fresh, and they tend to get bent out of shape when fresh shows up.

This is like watching two ugly girls fight; nobody is going to step in and separate them.


Don’t know anything about Dan Plasma’s personality, etc, but his art is pretty good. Certainly a nice change from the bullshit all the whiny little taggers leave all over the place.

This is kind of an embarrassing video. It’s like when models try to sing.

That was fucking painful to watch, old ass men complaining about old ass men. Dan Plasma is fucking terrible and Giant sells jeans.

Too much butthurt on this page…

Hey Assholes, half of you pussies probably don’t even write cause if you did you would know Giant put in more work than any of you put into any thing your entire lives. So eat a fat dick.

I absolutely cannot stand how Giant moves his hands like a black rap star on MTV.

dan plasma just plain sucks & thats a fact. Giant is skilled & does plenty of art besides graffiti. I hope someone breaks dan plasma’s fucking hands! Fuck dan plasma!

at least plasma does illegal art-work, giant hasn’t done any in a decade….

“at least plasma does illegal art-work, giant hasn’t done any in a decade….’

plasma has absolutely zero illegals in SF. Are you even from here? GIANT is a legend.

plasma has been consistent wilth street work for decades, giant is a legal eagle who sold out and quit the game a decade ago after it became a felony, sounds like he’s a bit jealous of the fame and scratch his boy is copping, I saw dan plasma work at white walls and the oakland museum….shit goes for 50k+ a canvas since his canvases are so rare…I’d expect more from someone who’s got so much (Mikey Gee)…maybe giant needs to get back to the steets like plasma, instead of bragging about what he did ten years ago and stabbing his best man in the back he should do something meaningfull, the “I used to tag and fight” bravado seems a touch phony from form a kid who came from a midwest art college…sorry but the work speaks for itself

props to plasma for keeping it street and not selling out

Plasma has a reputation and a record …this jealous fruitcake milktoast frisco journalist is sure to get his teeth kicked in if the two should ever meet.