SF Bike Coalition Trying to Do Something About That Damn Bridge

As anyone who has biked over the Golden Gate Bridge over the past month can tell you, The Bridge is an unbearable mess right now.  At the beginning of June, the western side of the bridge, which is dedicated to peak hour bike usage, was closed for four months for construction.  The result of this closure is now San Francisco cyclists must try to ride around the disoriented mob of tourists and photographers—a task this blogger can assure you is enough to make you leap off your bicycle and find the quickest exit from the madness.

Thankfully, the SF Bike Coalition has been taking the Golden Gate Bridge District to task over the situation, as announced in yesterday's newsletter:

The SF Bicycle Coalition asked for added measures to help bridge users understand what's going on and safely manage the capacity reduction (such as posting uniformed staff at key points to help sort things out), as well as asking the District to provide roadway space for bicycle traffic during the sidewalk closure, or at least bike shuttles across the bridge (already done for other bridge sidewalk closures). But the District claims that it can't be done.

Really? Impossible to mitigate the loss of half the bridge's non-motorized capacity? If the District had closed half of the bridge's roadway lanes for four months would they just shrug and look the other way? We're letting the District know that cramming all their summertime foot and bike traffic onto just one sidewalk is impossible — it's time to bring real solutions to this serious (and long-planned) capacity reduction. Give bike traffic a temporary lane, or give it a shuttle. You can let them know as well — tell the District what you think at ggb@sfbike.org. Take extra care if you do get out on the bridge, and please show some extra kindness to other folks dealing with this disruption — now more than ever it's about giving and getting respect.

I'd also recommend taking a Xanax.

[Photo by SF Examiner]

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Bike shuttles? Seriously? Getting off your bike for a bit and walking it where the foot traffic is thick does not seem that complicated to me…

I single handedly ruined at least 10 memorable photos taken by tourists while trying to ride over the bridge last week. Plus, as someone who doesn’t like heights, riding over the GG Bridge just got a ton more frightening.

Everyone, please KEEP RIGHT and let oncoming traffic pass on your left. Lane hogs that spread across the path are creating needless congestion. The signs clearly say KEEP RIGHT.

This is a tourist attraction, surely you’ve tried to get somewhere through Union Square before - it’s mayhem. No one walking on the bridge gives a fuck about your commute or your quick century through the headlands. They care about getting their children framed in the perfect picture for their family and friends back in Ohio. Point is, you’ll never convince those people to orderly file down the right side of the bridge, no matter how many people you have to pay to tell them to do so.

ok, so it’s a huge pain in the ass on all sides and it totally sucks. but in a couple months it’ll all be over. HTFU and walk. bitches.

More bullshit and whining from the self-entitled bike nuts in our fair city. I won’t give them an ounce of sympathy.

Get off your bikes, SHARE the bridge with walkers and walk across yourself.

i love ignorant comments.
* the closure is for about one *year*. not one month.
* it’s a 40 minute walk vs a 10 minute bike ride. mind if i take an hour out of your day?

shuttles would make things nicer for the walkers (mostly tourists) too–they don’t have to worry about blocking bicyclists. (or dodging them if they don’t mind blocking them.)

What moron scheduled this for summertime?

The SFBC should spend more time going around S.F. and educating bike riders about bike laws.

I’ve been doing this ride between 5:30 and 6 PM as part of my homeward commute for the last 5 years, and every weekday for the past 4 weeks. Yes, it’s not as cool as the dedicated west side bike path but for fuck’s sake IT’S NOT THAT BAD. Go slow, be cool, give gentle warning and have a little patience. We live in a an amazingly beautiful place that people travel to - we should be psyched they’re here and putting money into our economy.

The idea of a shuttle is idiotic - peds and cyclists are on the bridge because they want to have the experience, not get to the other side. SFBC should be focusing their energy elsewhere.