Let's Get Homeless

Here's an interesting new tour being offered on Vayable - for $100 this guy will take you on a 24 hour journey to discover what it's like to be homeless in San Francisco. The details:

Uncover the experience of 6500 people in SF.

Whether you're an SF local or visitor, it's difficult to traverse the city neighborhoods without coming across people living on the streets. You may have wondered what it's like to spend a day in their shoes, but probably don't want to give up your creature comforts to find out. I will guide you on a 24-hour journey deep inside the minds, hearts and lives of the San Francisco homeless. Eat your meals at a shelter, share survival stories and learn how to find a place to sleep.

For: People who want to know what it's really like to be homeless. Whether you're into policy or just curious, this is a truly unique experience.

Cost Includes: A guided experience of what it's like to be homeless from a homeless-friendly person. I'll help you find food and at least some semblance of shelter. (All fees collected by Vayable will go to the local shelter you visit).

My initial reaction to this whole thing was a negative one, mainly beacuase it seems wrong to me to basically imitate the disadvantaged populations of San Francisco for entertainment purposes. But on further examination, it looks pretty legit. The guy leading the tours has been on and off the streets for decades, and is an active volunteer at Glide which makes me think it'd be on the level. Either way, it'd be a great way to learn a lot about the city from someone with a totally different perspective on SF.

What do you think? Would you ever give something like this a try, or is it just something you'd never want to experience? Or just not your thing? At $100 it's a little steep, although the money does all go to charity. Anyone want to donate to a fund to help me be homeless for a night?


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USA: White people getting entertainment from the poor and abused for 200+ years!

Do you think the tour guide would get pissed if you bought a forty and proceeded to get tore up?

1. I would be totally down like james brown to experience this shit. I think ill start a “be lesbian for a day” tour, which will include being in an abusive/codependent relationship, having coffee with 4 different exes before noon, and getting trashed and making out with as many ugly girls as possible at the Lexington.
2. Can we start a fund for “alyssa/alissa want to be homeless”? Having similar names is almost like being the same person, maybe we can get a two for one deal on this bitch.

“Look at me, look at me, I’m a HIPSTER and LOOK I’m slumming it, can you take a picture of it for me with my iPhone and my Canon Rebel… The homeless are like, awesome…”

I wouldn’t mind eating some tasty food in front of him while I go on his tour.