Fernet Finally Has Its Own Rap

For all of you worried that Four Loko is getting all the 2010's rap love, some local kids just put out an anthem bluntly titled “I Drink Fernet.”  And much like Fernet's mediocre taste that leaves you not wanting more, the song puts you in a terrible state of delirium that leaves you in disbelieve as to how the legacy of St. Ides has been reduced to a white man with a goatee informing us that he “run through bottles like a run through models.”

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I was a Fernet Skeptic for years, but now I have decided that it is fucking magic. Anytime I have an upset tummy, Fernet fixes me right up.

Fernet is miracle alcohol/the only thing I can drink when Sir Jameson has forsaken me

the line is clearly “run through bottles like a run through models” - totally different meaning than “goes through.” I expect this kind of sloppy reporting elsewhere, but not from almanac! When will Fernet get its own juicebox product placement deal, anyways?

Have you seen the huge Fernet bird in Buenos Aires at the cafe Biela? Well worth a pilgrimage: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_2-tk_SuE6rI/TSC5jb3k6yI/AAAAAAAAQiQ/c1wwj0pu6R…

Does anyone else notice the blatant ripoff of Warren G’s “Regulate?” in the tune???

Please tell me you all know that the fact this song is by Mike Marshall and Equipto makes this song amazing regardless of how much you like it…

Right on for check”n out the video..if you dig it check the full length CD on ITunes “KIM 2” Mike Marshall & Equipto. Good Michael McDonald call Tuffy..I’m a big fan plus my brother played bass for the Doobie Brothers. @ Kevin Montgomery..how the hell are you comparing Fernet to St, Ides?

MATES If you dont like plain fernet try this!
on a tall glass serve ⅓fernet, ice and ⅔ regular coke. Argentina’s finest in your hands.