Dolores Park Establishes Sobriety Zone on Tallboy Terrace

I'm not quite sure how the Dyke March folks were intending on preventing the jubilant throngs of daytime merrymakers from crossing the cone barriers into the uncharted greens of afternoon mental clarity, but I salute their efforts.

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It’s not a “velvet rope” zone, just a way for sober people to find each other and hang out if they want (or would like a little break from their drunk friends!). You can find them at most SF “excuse to get drunk before 10am” events like Bay to Breakers, etc.

The best thing about the Cone of Sobriety is that there is clearly someone drinking beer right next to it.

Yes, you show those queers - stand up to their oppressive temporary use of the park for their march.

I recognize I’m fairly oblivious, but what the fuck are you talking about?

I’m guessing Holler was confused about the purpose of the cone, mistaking it for a protesting NIMBY complaining about alcohol consumption in the park? Just a guess.