Maharaja Closing Up Shop?

From what I can tell, Maharaja Indian on Valencia and 16th has been unexpectedly closed for a few days now.  Perhaps the closure was random, but this photo was taken on Friday at dinner time and it was closed again on Sunday—not days a typical restaurant just randomly shuts down—without any posted notice of a reopening date.

As you may recall from a few months back, an ad selling a “1500 Sq. Ft. restaurant located on Valencia St. (between 16th & 17th Streets)” was posted up Craigslist.  At the time, no one quite knew what business was up for grabs, but this potential shuttering suggests an answer.  Looks like we'll have to stick with Pakwan from here on out.

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you weren’t sticking wiht pakwan before?

The place was pretty awful. Easily one of the worst Indian places in the city – all the food tasted the same, and the service was essentially non-existent.

my friend lived above it and it smelled like ass all the time. the eminent gentrification of that block would have pushed it out sooner or later anyways