Local Comics Scheme to Induce Mission-Wide Hangover, Dozens Wounded

Alex Koll receives the honor of being the subject of my only in focus photograph of the evening.

Last evenings's Locally-Sourced Pop-Up Comedy Night sure was a good time, amirite? We made quick work of 45 gallons of Pabst, raised a grip of money for The Roxie, the comics KILLED IT, one guy almost b lined right into the wall as he was stumbling out the door, and then everyone finally was able to pee at Delirium.

We're already planning some more events, so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, read up on last night's performers:

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Had to hoof it back to my apartment to take a leak after the show. It was that bad. But I guess it says something good about the comics if people were willing to stay in spite of seemingly insurmountable bladder issues.

I’m bummed I couldn’t make it (I was at the TV on the Radio show), as I enjoy both comedy and beer. Was everybody like “Oh, I totally read your blog” and whatnot?

Are you Laura?