Gnarly Fare Evasion

I thought one of the perks of having a bike was not having to take Muni?  Regardless, awesome.

[Photo by Wiggly Giggle]

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man, i bet that’ll get you arrested.

How can the driver not see him?

Fuck no bikes on muni

I think that’s the trick to winning Breakers to Bay!

classic assumption of risk. might as well stick that picture in the text book and move on the the next section/topic.

Very cool.!.!.

If enough cyclists do the same thing the city will cave in and build a level tunnel connecting 20th and 24th streets, exclusively for bikes and drug deals.

I like this idea, but think pedestrians and rapists should also be permitted users.

Now I’m going to feel like a sucker next time I climb the hill on Church slower than I can walk it… But this dude is missing out on the sweet, sweet downhill reward…

Seem to me that it’d be pretty hard on the knees.

Reminds me of back in the day in Berkeley, me and my homies getting “a tow” (hanging on with one hand) off of an AC Transit bus or an unsuspecting car driver going up into the hills, while on our BMX bikes, so we could trail/road race back down, without having to get all tired and sweaty riding up those steep-ass hills…