Global Film Initiative Robbed Of Everything But Their Security Cameras

The Global Film Initiative, a small Ninth Street-based non-profit whose mission it is to “[promote] cross-cultural understanding through the medium of cinema,” was CLEANED THE FUCK OUT on Sunday night.  Santosh fills us in:

[The thief] entered the building around 12:00 am, went into our office, packed up all the computers, and left with a first load.  And then, came back a few hours later to finish the job.  The second time he came back, he returned with a different outfit and another set of tools—and tried to dismantle the elevator control panel, so he could gain access to the second floor of the building.  Total duration of the burglary was about 5 hours. 

The guy knew what he was doing.  He didn't have a key, but used a homemade tool to open the door in a manner that would not reflect a forced entry, and not draw attention.  We did cut that part out [of the video], because many of the buildings in SOMA have similar doors, and we didn't want to give anyone tips on how to break into other buildings.  Our loss was close to $15K, and with the damage to the elevator, the overall loss from the burglary is about $20K. 

Give the video a quick scan and be sure to check out the end for a key shot of crackhead roll up to the door and not rob the place.  Also, I highly recommend bumping some hot ragtime jams while watching.

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Wow. And yet those are pretty amazingly high-res vids for CCTV. Surely that’s enough to ID the guy, no?

Well, here’s hoping.

Top secret tool to open the door is a long L-shaped wire. He inserts it between the leafs of the door, grabs the push pad and pulls. Could you do it with a coat hanger? I think you could.

Look at the prick. The guy is clearly leaving prints and his face everywhere. That’s pretty bold. But it also leaves little doubt that when we do bust his nose on the street, we got the right guy.

Don’t think it matters whether you bust his nose. He’s goin to jail.

Where was Joakim Noah on Saturday night?

Seriously, did he not notice that there were security cameras watching him? Did he assume they didn’t work? Did he WANT to get caught? So odd.

well, as far as i’m concerned, those fools dont deserve all that equipment in the first place, seeing that they’re trying to promote world peace through fingerpainting or whatever bullshit they use to justify their exorbitant setup. i bet that guy takes those stolen computers and starts his own after school program to teach kids something that’s actually useful like math or science.

Dude, you’re lame. I deliver stuff to these guys all the time. They’ve got donated computers, and a basic setup. And they give all their money to people in the third world. You’re a serious douche. And, don’t you have a life? In less than 24 hours you’ve posted 4 comments here.

“giving all your money to the third world” is exactly the kind of hands off donation approach that is fucking up the world right now.

that’s pretty funny. i’d lay bets that what’s fucking up the world right now are people spazzing out on a blog anonymously.

Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable–i agree about the obscurity thing. but i just saw on the news the building got hit again, and this time it was the Jewish Film Festival. so can’t really blame them for being over-cautious.

That guy is just trollin’, don’t take him seriously.

When dad’s check doesn’t cover all the cost of your skate videos, you have to take things into your own hands…