Free Mother's Day Cards Makes it Easy to Appreciate Mom While Walking to Dolores Park to Get Day Drunk

I realize it's not fully clear what is going on in the above photo because I haven't yet grasped the art of framing a photo, but some kind person at 19th and Guerrero has made every lazy person's job a little easier this Mother's Day by offering up a box full of free, pre-stamped Mother's Day cards.  They even put the stack of cards right next to a mailbox.  All you have to do is remember where your parents live, draw some hearts, and drop it in the bin.  Convenient!

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That’s cool, but I’d rather have a box filled with signed checks and stamps for my credit card bill.

Hey, thanks for this. If it’s still up I’d love for someone to go back through and restock them. I might do it myself, but that’s not really the point in this. Someone out there, pleaseeeeeeeeee…