Cingular Wireless Returns, Re-Launches In SF This Week.

With San Franciscans long dissatisfied by AT&T's lack of service, the recently resurrected Cingular Wireless saw an opening to take a prime piece of the cellular market at launch. Cingular celebrated their recent return with the purchase of two antennas adjacent to Sutro Tower, which they christened with an eye catching marketing stunt.

A giant version of their iconic orange logo is being displayed on Twin Peaks this week to let San Francisco know that Cingular is back in the game!  Next week they're expected to announce that they will soon be the exclusive carrier of the iPhone 3G and Nokia N97 smartphone.  



…Or, it's a misshapen, slightly off-color AIDS ribbon.

Comments (6)

Are you sure that isn’t the Excite logo?

I always forget how gigantic the Kink Armory is until I see it from the freeway.

Had me going for a second there…

yeah i saw that coming back from tahoe this weekend and was all “WTF IS THAT”. But then you answered my question. THANKS A MILLION TO THIS POSTING. and YAY a 3G IPHONE!

Clearly it’s a Jesus fish swimming towards the Sunset

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