Parking Drama

I haven't owned a car in years, so I'm pretty oblivious to the scarcity of parking in San Francisco.  However, I guess parking in the Mission is quickly turning into a big pain in the ass: Willie Brown bitches about it,  SFMTA says that 30% of cars driving on SF's roads are actively looking for parking, and I've been seeing more people holding spots than I have in years past.  Then there was this scene the other night, which actually required some third party peace negotiators to mediate the parking fight.

In short, the girl holding something like 5 handbags and wearing bright white shoes was standing in a spot outside of Beauty Bar, holding it for her friend. The driver of the Aztec showed up and began to park his car as if the girl wasn't there.  The girl, generally indifferent, looked up from her iPhone as his bumper inched closer to her to yell “I'm standing here!,” and then went back to thumbing her cell. The driver lowered his window, yelled back “I'm parking here!,” and the back and forth went on from there. Eventually a delegation of space savies experts rolled up from the sidewalk and convinced the guy to move along, asserting that it was her space because she was standing in it.  However, it took a few minutes of the guy protesting about “how hard it is to park around here.”

Glad I learned how to ride a bike.

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No Savies, it’s fucked up. It’s been covered on Mission Mission.

Yeah. No Savies, definitely.

Not ok to HIT the stupid ped with your car, that’ll just get you sent to jail. But it *IS* definitely ok to occupy enough of the space as to prevent the saved-for-car being able to park. All you gotta do is be willing to spend more time sitting in your comfy car than the stupid person is willing to spend standing in the middle of your parking spot.

Sounds like an awesome way to spend a Saturday night!

Definitely no savies.

Passed by a similar situation the other day on 24th in Noe. Guy standing in a space preventing somebody from parking. I weighed in on the “no savies” side and he moved.

Maybe we need a proposition on the ballot in the fall to settle the savies issue once and for all.

I agree with the no savies faction, but if it sends a Pontiac Aztek out of the area, it’s a civil duty.

Definitely okay to hit someone very slowly who is trying to play Savesies. You see him coming. You know you have no right to block him. You’re going to get bruised.

If they’re all Beauty Bar patrons, it’s hard to feel sympathy for anyone involved.