Lots of Opportunities to Eat Pancakes This Weekend

If there's not enough starch and Aunt Jemima in your diet, this weekend is full of opportunities to reverse your dietary misfortune and crush some stacks of flour.  First up is Friday's “Pancakes & Booze,” a cheap ($5!) all-you-can-eat pancake bar that also happens to have an adjacent art show, live music, body painting and %#@.  While I don't know what artists and musicians will be present, I do know that pretty much everybody is capable of putting back five bucks worth of pancakes so it ought to be a decent time.

Also, if you manage to peel your ass out of bed early on Saturday, Leonard Flynn Elementary on César Chávez and Harrison is hosting a pancake breakfast fundraiser for the PTA.  Reader Josh fills us in on the details:

Pancake breakfast, Saturday April 16, at Leonard Flynn Elementary in the cafeteria from 8-11AM. It's $5 per person for pancakes, coffee, bacon, etc…

A great way to work through all the pbr from Friday night and at the same time support your local Mission public elementary school. All the money goes to the PTA and then gets used to buy pretty basic stuff (like dry-erase markers) for the teachers.

So there you have it: pancakes, art, raising money for school supplies, live music, and %#@!  Enjoy!

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I found out about the one on Saturday morning earlier today and have recruited a big ole table of hungover people and my mom, so I’ll see you there!