Is the Woman Allegedly Responsible for Slim's Liquor License Suspension Now Bullying Bloggers & Journalists?

Even Berkeley hippies equipped with guitars don't like this woman.

Even Berkeley hippies equipped with guitars don't like this woman.

As you might recall, some woman named Jeanmarie Guenot, who lives behind Slim's, got super aggro and 'allegedly' contributed to getting Slim's Liquor License pulled for 10 days over some bullshit.  Serg suggested that “WE EVICT THIS LADY FROM SF.”  500+ nerds 'liked' this idea on Facebook.  Now some anonymous person named “Lisa” with a Yahoo! email address is using thinly veiled threats to get us to censor the story.

Jeanmarie Guenot

We're no strangers to threats and cease & desist letters (in fact, this is the third one we're received this month).  Most are so frivolous that we don't bother to give them the time of day.  However, considering this woman's 'alleged' track record of bullying businesses and forcing them to “[spend] more than $250,000 on legal fees” battling ridiculous charges, we think it's noteworthy to publish any threats from this woman or any proxy working on her behalf:

On Mar 27, 2011, at 4:13 PM, Lisa <lisa.*****> wrote:
Hello – Your, 3-24-11 blog post, CAN WE EVICT THIS LADY FROM SF? is subject to a defamation legal claim. It is not an exercise of free speech to instigate hatred and harassment through false statements, as well as, allow defamatory comments to proliferate. It’s illegal not to mention irresponsible.

If Serg and Uptown were named defendants in such a case, a plaintiff could easily prove you published false statements and painted a misleading picture that Jeanmarie was responsible for Slim’s liquor license suspension. Pointing to another defamation story makes the one pointing as guilty. In addition, the comments allowed to be posted to blogs fall under libel, harassment, and breach of privacy. Ms. Guenot’s private contact information was broadcasted leaving Serg and Uptown liable in the unfortunate event she suffers any incident due to the state of risk to her personal safety and security that these posting have put her in.

Now that it has been brought to your attention that you have published “with fault”, my request to you is to immediately remove the post.

Thanks in advance, Lisa

On March 27, 2011, at 4:52 PM, Kevin J. Montgomery <*> wrote:
Who are you and what's your relation to Jean?

On Mar 27, 2011, at 5:48 PM, Lisa <lisa.*****> wrote:
Hi Kevin - I'm someone who's nicely alerting you that you can prevent facing any costly or otherwise unpleasant ramifications from a defamation claim.
As initially mentioned, I'm notifying you that you have published “with fault”, and requesting immediately removal of the CAN WE EVICT THIS LADY FROM SF? post.  
The facts are public record and can be verified in the ABC appeals hearing report where two completely different neighbors are noted as the initiators of the complaint that led to Slim’s suspension.  It also notes that Jeanmarie Guenot just happened to be one of several asked by ABC to testified.  This is contrary to your blog post along with a number of other posts that are quickly coming down from those who don't have deep pockets or a budget to invest in building their audience.
Proliferating defamation, hatred and harassment has serious consequences for those targeted, as well as, for those defiantly targeting.  Please remove the post.

Sincerely, Lisa

On March 27, 2011, at 9:57 PM, Kevin J. Montgomery <*> wrote:
Are you her lawyer?

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 10:10 PM, Lisa <lisa.*****> wrote:
No. Please confirm that you will remove the post. Thanks, Lisa

On March 27, 2011, at 4:48 PM, Kevin J. Montgomery <*> wrote:
We will take no action until you identify yourself, your relation to Jeanmarie, and why you are taking up this cause.

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 10:41 PM, Lisa <lisa.*****> wrote:
I'd then suggest you consult an attorney on your exposure, research what constitutes a defamation claim and understand you're choosing to leave yourself, Serg and Uptown vulnerable to costly damages that you were warned could be prevented.

SF Weekly may or may not remove their posts … strategically they budget legal defense costs to in return build their audience which ultimately increases their sales. Not so sure it works the same way for Uptown. Check it out, lots of other blogs have quickly removed their posts over the last few days, and perhaps just perhaps for good self preservation reasons.
Please let me know in the next 24 hours if you decide you will take requested action to remove your post. Thanks in advance, Lisa

On March 27, 2011, at 10:46 PM, Kevin J. Montgomery <*> wrote:
See my previous email asking you to identify yourself.

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 10:04 AM, Lisa <lisa.*****> wrote:
Kevin - who I am has nothing to do with the “now documented” fact that you've been asked to remove the defamation posts.

In California, a demand retraction is an important step in the legal process and a refusal sets that party up to be liable for damages caused by the defamation claim. Anyone who repeats someone else's statements is just as responsible for their defamatory content as the originator—if they knew, or had reason to know, of the defamation Now it's been explicitly brought to your attention and you know.

Take the next few hours to do your research on defamation law and the risks the CAN WE EVICT THIS LADY FROM SF? post poses on you, Serg and Uptown. Ideally, you'll decide the costs to defend yourself against likely legal proceedings are not worth it. If you remove your post today, this email string will go no further.

Thanks in advance, Lisa

Of course, we still do not know who Lisa is, but I firmly believe that this type of approach exemplifies why our city's nightlife and street festivals have gone to shit.

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So official w/ that Yahoo email address Lisa. What a joke.

Nice! Making friends everywhere she goes.

I think her understanding of the law is a bit… confused.

She claims the statements were “false,” yet offers no alternative explanation? What a tool.

I heard Jeanmarie Guenot is an easy skank, what will eat your pie, suck the skin off the toes of infants, and pull cats tails!!!

Could someone do some research and find out if Guenot will have to pay for the $250K in legal fees and the lost alcohol revenue if Slims proves that they were in accordance with the law? According to SF Weekly, it seems like Slims got noise certified a while ago and if that is the case, then I think they can counter-sue for losses. Wouldn’t that be fun.

I don’t know if any of this is true, but generally when people file bullshit claims that cost you money and you are ultimately cleared of guilt, you can sue for losses.

does New York have problems like these? seems like the transplant element of SF is a driving force of these NIMBYs. my point being that more people grow up in New York and are proud of the nightlife/festival culture.. if anyone can draw comparisons/contrasts that may be helpful in assessing the context of this situation.

or we could just tag the bitch’s house and smear dog poo on her door

I think it has more to do with San Francisco being a one complaint town than “transplants.” No doubt every other city in the world has issues with neighbors bitching about noise and drunks, but SF seems to take the complaints of one lone person far more seriously than other places.

People like this just give non-locals a bad name. They represent a very, very small minority of non-native San Franciscans.

so youre down for smearing poo?

No need to spread poo (this is not the Tenderloin!). I say we just hand this woman the shovel that she so clearly wants/needs. She clearly already knows what to do with it.

That so called transplant element graduated from USF.
Are you trying to incite people to commit acts of vandalism against this lady’s property or otherwise intimidate this person?

What a bitch! Michael Bluth had more legal experience in “The Trial of Captain Hook”.





I think it’s great that Lisa is so clearly clued-in to SF Weekly’s web strategy.

1. Lawsuits.
2. Build audience.
3. ????
4. Profits!

P.S. Hulk, if you ever want to freelance for us, gimme a shout.

She’s throwing her toys out of the pram.

This is all very sad, but that song is amazing. Silver lining.

Slim’s rocks in every way. I hope sanity prevails.

I think its a bit unfair to blame one person on Slim’s liquor license suspension. Its hard for me to believe she is solely responsible for this.

Then check out the public records of complaints by this one person. I bet the cops do more than roll their eyes when they get a call…

You must not have lived in the Bay Area very long. One person’s complaint goes a long way, especially if they complain repeatedly.

I’ve personally watched Slim’s staff spend entire shows making sure that everything is ‘just right’ in order to not aggravate this one woman (even telling musicians how loud they are allowed to play). She really is that bad….hiring people to film their crowd control, daily complaint calls, etc. When bands play Slim’s, they are no longer allowed to walk backstage while music is playing because the small amount of sound that escapes through the internal stage door spills into the rear alley and prompts complaints from her. She literally shares a parking lot with the club.

The more things change the more they stay the same. My partner and I owned a spot in Slim’s neighborhood back in the go-go 90s and one person’s noise complaints turned our jamming little jazz and rockabilly joint into a nice quiet neighborhood bar. Some people just can’t stand the idea of other people having fun.

Who’s Lisa?
- probably a lawyer, but not hired by Guenot

What is she doing?
- probably just doing her a friend a favor

What if she were her lawyer?
- first, she’d use her firms email, not a yahoo address
- there would be a formal demand retraction, not a semi anonymous email. Not sure if that email even qualifies, especially if she says she’s not representing Guenot.

Just a guess.

Probably a lawyer?? “It also notes that Jeanmarie Guenot just happened to be one of several asked by ABC to testified.” I wonder where she went to lawlz school. But thanks, Secretary Rumsfeld.

I’m late to this thread, but the thing that struck me, more than the yahoo email address was addressing everyone by their first names, including “Uptown” instead of, I don’t know, the NAME of the blog?

Hell, in a book report about Tom Sawyer in 5th grade, you knew better than to talk about what Mark wrote. At least address the thing to Mr. Dun, care of Mr. Montgomery, in regards to Ms (I’m assuming no one’s married her) Guenot.

Can we promote Slim’s as an historical site?. I saw John Cale there back in the century gone-by and guess who showed up? Vaclav Havel that’s who. Czech poet and velvet revolution leader extraordinaire. Since he was the president of the Czech republic at the time, he had a couple of no-necks with him but it was pretty laid-back. No traffic was shut down and Slim’s kept rockin’. Now that there is some history!

So I ask you, who is Jeanmarie/Lisa compared to Vaclav Havel? (I’ll take my answer on-line.)

OOOOO! Great Idea! I bet the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission could get involved and really get this issue tangled in bureaucracy!

Between Havel and my 5 times seeing Eek-A-Mouse there in the mid-90s, surely we’re on to something! :-)

Ahhh. San Francisco, you are so liberal, you’ve gone uptight.

What I’ve never understood is why people who like peace and quiet live anywhere near downtown? There’s places for people like you, Vacaville, for example.

She’s underwater on her condo. I googled her, found her address, checked zillow and SFgov. She paid 1.2 and it’s worth .87. 330K ain’t chump change. Like the woman above Schmidt’s, Jeanmarie ain’t goin’ nowhere.

I also found that she’s a Dr. and consults out of her condo. She’s not an MD, she’s a Phd and MBA. I always thought phd’s who called themselves Dr. as in Dr Guenot were pretentious twits. Now Jeanmarie, don’t get cranky with me, I did not specifically call you a twit.

Here’s her web page biography:

Can we get anonymous on the case?

I am neighbors with this woman and with Slim’s. Of all of clubs on 11th street, Slim’s is one of the most respectful. They have a guy who comes into the alley to check sound levels nightly, sometimes multiple times a night, to make sure it isn’t too loud. He’s really nice too. Even gave me his card in case I ever had to call him to kick drunk teenagers off our street.

There are other clubs/businesses along 11th that are loud and obnoxious, but Slim’s is not one of them. I would be sad to lose Slim’s as a neighbor. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

But, as a last note, I think attacking Jeanmarie on the internet is bullying and lame. Calling her out, listing her address and face, is worse than the bullying she’s doing to Slim’s.

Agreed. Its childish to take out your anger at someone this way, and it could put her in a potentially harmful situation. Definitely not the smartest approach to a conflict.

What hordes of internet commentator’s are going to actually harm someone physically?

Anti-social behavior needs to be called out and corrected, or those eroding the public sphere won’t know what harm they are causing.

Yes, that’s why you’re commenting anonymously? You’re also causing damage to the “public sphere”, and I’d like to call you out on it.

The problem here is a single person is disrupting a social institution. Slim’s was there way before the www. It was also there before Jeanmarie. That has to mean something. She picked a fight. She has to stand up and be counted. There is no hiding, we have rights to face our accusers. Imagine pre-internet time. Social shunning was an effective method for behavior modification. The webernet has not changed that. I have the same problem with Jeanmarie as I have with the story of the Bernal wireless antenna. There is a larger societal good that a single person should not be able to stop. From what I can tell, Slim’s is being the best neighbor it can be. Why should they have to shut down? What about Slim’s employees? What about the bands who play there, the cabbies picking up rides, the food purveyor and liquor distributor? What about the patrons? Oh, let’s think of Jeanmarie’s feelings for a minute, I guess those are more important than the rest of us.

Better leave Vacaville out of this, some kid out there just invented the exploding newspaper.

Besides, you might go through a time warp to the late 80’s and find yourself lost in the WOOZ.

The WOOZ. WOW. It’s not every day I hear about something that hasn’t entered my mind AT ALL in 15 years…

This sort of pseudo-legalese bullying tactics are disgusting. She’s not doing herself any favors.

she fucked her way to the top, and is now fucking us all over!

Holy crap, the ability of people on here dig up everything bad about this woman is amazing.

Note to all NIMBYs, do not fuck the with SF music scene of every piece of your dirty laundry will be aired for the blogosphere to see (and laugh about).

That letter is actually a pretty interesting read.

screw this bitch and her complaining she can move somewhere else if she doesnt like it

Check Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act - if you are not the original poster of the material but merely a conduit for the posting of information - you are likely protected.

I wonder who is legally capable of issuing a demand retraction? The person allegedly defamed? That person’s attorney? Since she is neither of those, is she capable of legally issuing the demand retraction?

I would just call or write to EFF or the Citizen Media Law Project, presumably they’ll give you some info.

A number of our sources highlighted the circumstances under which Jeanmarie
Guenot, currently PDLI’s head of business development, was hired; several
also reported widespread disbelief within the Company that Dr. Guenot was
qualified to advance through the ranks as she has. The sentiment expressed
to us was that no acceptable explanation can account for her initial
appointment or continued employment as head of business development. In
fact, the Investigation uncovered at least one senior executive who left
PDLI over what he considered unfairly favorable treatment of Dr. Guenot to
the detriment of the Company and its other employees. Given these
indications of an employee morale problem, as well as concerns that Dr.
Guenot’s continued employment at PDLI is not in the best interests of the
Company’s shareholders, we trust that you will focus on this issue as a
priority concern.

Another bloodsucker aided and abetted by overpaid folks at City Hall. Hope all her bad karma
bites her in her pus filled ass!

I think the “NIMBY” label is really too good for these idiots. Usually, someone will say “not in my backyard” regarding a proposed project like a nuclear plant, etc. These bholes actually moved next to Slims and then complained. As mentioned by Serg, that neighborhood has also been home to Butter, HolyCow, and other rapist-magnets for at least the 10 years that I have been here. Who the fk moves to that neighborhood for a wholesome good time?

I understand the strategy: they are trying to wins a few battles then put their houses on the market so they can foist their shit properties on to Them Version 2.Fart… But that would assume that there is another person dumb enough to take them out after all of this nonsense

heh. This song is excellent! Also, “lisa” has what might be generously described as a tenuous grip on the laws of libel, defamation, harassment and privacy. “She” sounds like Oswald Bates.

i suspect this is from the lady herself, she looked up some big words on the internets. no legit lawyer would try to cyberbully you anonymously and it’s odd that she would come after you for libel in user-submitted comments. maybe she went to a lawyer and couldn’t get a legit cease-and-desist …

Jeanmarie’s got the crazy eye. Be careful.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to move all you homeless, shit talker, name caller, never get outta the house, let alone get to a bar losers than a real life tax paying educated member of society like the lady you’all are pointing fingers at here and elswhere.
None of you know anything right. Just what you’ve heard?
Have any of you have followed the links posted elsewhere on this site to any actual documentation?
Even know who and who has the type of authority to impose sanctions on a business?
As far as I can tell none of you speak for Slim’s or Big Daddy.
Do you even spend more than the occasional nickel or dime supporting that bar, the music scene, musici
ans, The City or anything else other than your own coffee and cigarette habits.
You don’t represent San Francisco.

Can’t speak for others, but I go to a couple of shows a month at Slim’s. Way to make some pretty wild assumptions, though. Gotta give you credit for the ambitiousness of your crazyass generalizations.

Wow. The more people try to defend this woman, the more they prove just how far removed from reality she and her ilk are.

The irony of anonymous or aliased cowards posting the name, picture and address of this person.
The lame comments abound.
One lame says they have always thought phds who call themselves doctor are pretentious twits.
But they don’t. Other people do.
Other lames are amateur attorneys. What a complete joke.
Lots of I bets.
Heres a priceless gem from the OP lame. He says.. ‘However considering this woman’s alleged track record of bullying business and forcing them to spend $250, 000 on legal fees..’
Quoting the article that appeared in SF Weekly I am having trouble understanding this statement.
Notice where the quotation marks start.

That hasn’t stopped the calls to police. Since 2007, when Guenot moved in, Holliday says she has spent more than $250,000 on legal fees
battling charges from her neighbor that the club is too loud. “The outcome of this long siege has been that we did need to take the closure,
the punishment,” Holliday says.

?? What charges? Where? In civil procedings brought directly by Jean directly at Slim’s?
Or does that include fines, penaltys etc assessed by legitimate authoratative agencys?