SFPD's Richmond Station Joins Us In The 21st Century (via Locally Sourced Technologiez)

SF's finest are warming up to twitter, and thankfully their intent doesn't seem to be anything like back in 2k6 when the Isla Vista cops figured out how to use Facebook to skim the event/party listings and make underage drinking busts at my college era parties.  In fact, SFPD's Richmond station twitter account is actually pretty rad.  

In addition to live-tweeting neighborhood warnings and super interesting crimes you didn't think even existed (see the glued ATM keys above), it seems like their intent is to actually use Twitter as a platform to better serve the community (SHOCKER, AMIRITE?).  According to SF Weekly and SF Appeal's recent coverage, the Richmond station top cop, Captain Richard Corriea, has four officers tweeting from the field and is encouraging more to do the same.  

Time will tell if other SFPD stations catch on (or if the DA bitches them out via “YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR MCBAIN! I WANT YOUR BADGE AND YOUR SMARTPHONE ON MY DESK IN THE MORNING!”) and start using Twitter to do the same, but in the meantime, let's entertain some fantasy SFPD tweets.*


* = No, I don't care if there isn't actually a Dolores Park or Panhandle station, this is an exercise in stroking my imagination. Sexually. Post your own neighborhood SFPD tweets in the comments.