Out of Control Dog Rattles Dolores Park

In the wee hours of Super Bowl Sunday (read: 12:30pm), a panic broke out in the Dolores Park dog run by the women's bathroom.  As barking and growling errupted from the water fountain, an irate white woman came running across the park screaming her head off, “YOUR DOG IS OUT OF CONTROL.”  More words were yelled by more people.  Children were instructed to cover their ears.  One man tried to sell the group weed cookies.  But before you could even pull out your wallet to place your bets, two squad cars and an animal control van rolled up to handle the situation.

What breed of beast could be responsible for such a massive response from SFPD?  An agressive pit bull who bears its teeth at children when it isn't busy savaging poodles?  Perhaps a maladjusted Rottweiler recklessly determined to kill a pug?

Total letdown.

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F*cking hate dog owners.

Last time I checked dogs were animals - do we really need a police squad and animal rescue every time dogs get into a scuffle? Nice picture too - but where’s the other guy’s dog who attacked this guy in the picture?

This was the dog that actually did the attacking! Not sure what happened to the other dog, they were doing a report (making sure the dog had his shots etc) when I took the snap.

I think you’ve gotta get your facts straight and tell the full story. The boston got into a scuffle but the real injury was inflicted by the other dog who lashed out and bit the owner of that little boston. This other dog caused the injury that required the paramedics to show up. This article was definitely a funny read but you might want to work on your reporting and ask a few questions instead of posting an article based on your observations from across the park.

You realize this was a dog fight involving a pup the size of a football, right?

I actually know this dog first hand.
He not only is the cutest and most huggable dog, but is the same dog that lay beside my Dad and comforted him while he was in his final days in Hospice.
Like any male…..he was showing that pup “who’s Boss”! That puppy better grow up FAST! and learn that he has to “earn” his way into the Dolores Park crowd.
The End!

Someone call Bevan Dufty so he can be a whiny bitch about this

I was probably just out of frame when this photo was taken. The guy with the little Boston was being cited for not having his dog on a leash, and the officer was apologizing even as he still wrote the citation.

The guy in the picture did not have any obvious injuries that warranted paramedics (cumberlandcrush, who is the owner of the dog?).

Last, a plea to dog owners who are also idiots: if your dog is not super well-trained, keep them on their damn leashes. Two weekends ago, Dolores was snarled because a dog had gotten lost and was running through traffic. People were trying to catch it, but it just kept running away from them between cars. Traffic couldn’t move, the dog was in serious danger of being hit, and the stupid fucking owner was nowhere to be found. Stupid dog didn’t see me on my bike and almost ran into me. Then when I tried to grab it in a friendly manner it ran away from me.

I work with this dog at Murder, Inc. He is the cold-bloodedest killer of all my colleagues. His name Falkor. Like from The Neverending Story, but the story he will tell trick bitches on his turf is The Neverending Critical Beatdown. Ferocious: http://www.jbtiv.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/falkor-cold-killa.jpg

Also, Re: the headline, let me assure you he was in complete control the whole time and if he appeared out of control, it is because that’s what he wanted you to think. Falkor specialize in psychologistical mind freaking.

My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable, and I’m just ferocious. I want his heart! I want to eat his children! Praise be to Allah!

—Mike Tyson