New Mission Brewery Slated to Open this Spring

Not only will beer be brewed, but there will be TREES.

Mission Loc@l brings us word that the long rumored and bureaucracy/NIMBY-plagued upstart Southern Pacific Brewing Company is slated to open their Mission brew pub later this spring.  $3 pints of local beers.  Cheap eats.  Outdoor patio.  Plus, it's at the corner of 19th and Treat, so you can start your evening by climbing at Mission Cliffs (exercise!), head to the brewery for a round of beers, go to Homestead for additional drinks, then stumble to Bender's for shots of whiskey until your liver explodes out of your stomach, grows legs, and runs town South Van Ness screaming.  All within two blocks.

But really, $3 pints of local microbrew?  The days of $2 cans of generic American lagers in the Mission are numbered…

(link. via Eater)

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trees indoor, liver explosion FTW!
cant wait for our september ‘heat waves’ in the 70F°s…
beer:30 kthx

Let’s just hope the beer is better than Social.

Indoor trees in the Mission, pff, done it.

Very cool. That part of Treat is wabi-sabi awesome, and beer is just mo bettah.

Awe. Some.

it’s next door to a high school! i’m surprised they got approved. even better it’s a one minute stumble from my front door. i’ll be there probably all the time.

If you’re raising children and trying to keep them away from drugs and alcohol, yet you live in SF, then you’re doing it wrong.