N Judah Drives Man to Smoke Crack, Uptown Reader Forgets How to Hold iPhone

I realize the N Judah is quite possibly the most infuriating, crowded, slow, and self-medication demanding form of public transportation in the world, but there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing how to hold an iPhone while shooting video.

To assist us in this simple “How to hold and iPhone while recording video” tutorial, I've enlisted our 4 o'clock hour college dorm-room buddy, SpongeBob:

In the first photo, SpongeBob is hanging out in Dolores Park amongst the endless fields of flowers and skies of butterflies we've come to enjoy on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, SpongeBob has downed a 40 of Olde English and smoked half a bag of grass, so he is shooting video vertically.  SpongeBob should be shot.

In the second photo, SpongeBob is 'shredding mad trail' on his mountain bike.  Of course, he's riding no handed so he can record some sick youtubes of his adventure.  SpongeBob should win an Oscar.

Folks, crackheads will always be crackheads, but we San Franciscans can come together to teach people how to properly hold their iPhones.

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david chappelle is in oakland tonight for a show.

Thank you for this service.

If this dude asked you three times to take off your shoes so he could smell your feet, you’d forget how to hold the camera too, dick.


I’m pretty shocked that nobody said anything to him. That’s pretty fucked up right there.

This is your best post since the Jameson juicebox .gif.

The 38 is way worse than the N

artistic genius.

Great article. I will be facing many off these issues as well..