Deadly Freezin' Chicago vs. Easy Breezin' San Francisco

As SFist pointed out yesterday, Macworld nerds are going nuts on Twitter over the summer-like weather we're having in SF while half the country is getting two feet dumped on their front porch.  And while I'm all for a little Twitter trash talk (“Snow?  Ohhhhhh snap. I BET you didn't see that one coming!”), this video takes the cake.

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yesterday i looked at chicago snow pictures and pretended that’s why i couldn’t leave the house. not because of some stupid ankle injury. it made my house arrest a lot cozier.

the karmic backlash this summer is going to so kick our asses.

this comment couldn’t be more right on.

If the big one hits this week, I’m blaming this video.

it’s starting to rain in SF now…:(