BREAKING: Yamo Raises Their Prices

In the past two weeks, the stock market has plummeted, oil prices have skyrocketed, and a plate of food at Yamo began costing more than a super burrito.  I guess this day was inevitable.  I mean, being able to stuff your face with house noodles or curry tofu for a scant $5.25 couldn't last forever.  But I never envisioned their prices jumping up to six goddamn dollars a dish before Papalote would start charging suckers 10 smacks for a burrito.

Next thing you know, you'll be able call in an order to Yamo and they'll actually remember to make your food.  And what a horrible day that will be.

Comments (3)

Well now that Hong Kong Express is going away, there isn’t a cheaper Asian food joint in the area.

I would gladly pay $10 for their house noodles, their soup and their tea leaf salad - - screw it, I will order my usual, then order it again to eat it the next day for lunch.
Those women work 6 days a week and obviously don’t take many breaks. I think I will bake them a cake.

Yamo give’s you gut rot… What a dump.