Angry Graffiti Bro Lashes Out at Clarion Alley Going Mainstream

I found myself admiring some guy's shoes when he walked over this statement: “NOT A TOURSIT ATTRACTION. AN ALLEY.”  Obviously duder fails to understand that the two are not mutually exclusive (“THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.  NOT A TOURIST ATTRACTION.  A BRIDGE.”).  But let's ignore that for a hot minute, why does it matter if murals are a tourist attraction?  Shouldn't people like murals?  Plus, it's not like there are Segway tours rolling up down 24th and turning down Valencia… holy shit, I'm arguing with spraypaint.

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heh. Yeah, I noticed that same thing on Saturday or Sunday. Pretty funny, but also bizarre. I mean, not only *IS* it quite clearly a tourist attraction, but also why would anyone thing that it *ISN’T* ?

I know that when I have friends visiting from out of town, Clarion and Balmy alleys are both on my must-show list when playing tourguide.

There’s a book of SF murals that has a Clarion Alley mural on its cover you can find at any bookstore. So I think the cat is out of the bag on this one.

Besides, somehow I don’t think the artists would be annoyed that more people are looking at their art.

What a dildo.

…And Conveniently Located For Same!

I’m an SF native and never have I ever walked, biked or driven down Clarion alley. Just sayin’.

You’re missing out then! I make a point to walk down all the Mission alleys at least once a month. Once, I found a quarter.

You’re totally missing out, there is some really great art there.

wow, you’re so _authentic_

I know, I totally am super duper authentic! I’ll make a point of checking the alley out when/if the sun ever shines again.

It’s worth it! This SF native has fond memories of discovering Balmy with her pops years ago…