Grub Holds it Down

Mac n' Cheese with portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, blue cheese, and bad photography.

Admittedly, I'm not really one to eat at restaurants that take reservations, use three adjectives to describe “breadcrumbs,” and call fries “frittes” [sic], but Valencia's Grub claims to make hella good mac n' cheese, so it was hard to resist eventually making my way over there.

And the verdict? Grub makes some bomb-ass mac & cheese, if you're willing to pay $12 bucks for a bowl of it.  Overpriced, no doubt, but it does have way more calories than one could possibly ingest in one sitting, so there's that.

But, really, my basket of “frittes” [sic] really made the meal.  See, as the basket was nearly gone, the old man sitting at the table next to me leans over, taps me on the shoulder and says, “You know, I've been sitting here the entire time just waiting for you to offer me some of those fries and you haven't done it yet.”  So I, feeling like an idiot for not offering the neighboring table my appetizer, apologize and offer up some of my last fries.  Then his wife swats the fries away and exclaims, “Don't reward him!”

Basically what I'm trying to say is Grub is an alright to place to eat.

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South End Grill and Bar on 26th at Valencia has been open for months, and has a huge Mac menu, is cheaper, and better. It’s been researched.

The best is the Carbonara mac.

Monk’s Kettle’s new menu removed their delicious mac and cheese. Someone should be jailed over this change.

Here’s hoping the true criminal activity (spelling of what I assume are supposed to be “frites”) is fixed by the time I get there. I already had a heart attack when I saw Café des Amis’s first menu (online; not about drop that kind of cash there…) Oh, life is hard for nerdy Francophones…

I would not pay $12 for a bowl of mac & cheese.