Deep's Rickshaw Arsenal

Deep, the friendly fellow who makes it out to all the cycling events around town with his blue 3-wheeler equipped with an Michael Jackson-bumpin' soundsystem, was doing a bit of garage cleaning this afternoon and had is epic array of bikes out on display.  To say his collection of rickshaws is badass is to say the least, but this particular ride really stole the show:

Deep says he scored this 1957 Thai rickshaw on eBay while hunting for the red rickshaw seen to the left of the first pic.  Rather than pick one or the other, he just bought both.  He says the thing weighs a ton so he rarely takes it out, but the details on this beast are incredible.


Needless to say, if anyone has a spare 1957 Thai rickshaw that they don't want anymore, do let me know.

Comments (5)

that last picture is graphically awesome. go deep, keep those MJ beats rolling =)

If I ever get married, I want to be squired about town with my future husband in that rickshaw.

In fact, anyone want to get married? Maybe Deep hasn’t locked it back up yet.

That is absolutely GORGEOUS.

Best. Use. Of. A. Garage. EVAR. Rock on, Deep!

Nice blue rikshaw! Do you cruse with it? I have the same one in red, but I have problems with the wheels - how do they work??