Giants Bourbon, Giants Wine, Giants Beer

Guys, the Giants are still the World Champions.  Let's get drunk!  If you too want to deal a devastating blow to your sobriety while supporting the orange and black, you can pick up this miserable hangover at BevMo!, Hollow Cow Market, and any place that sells beer from the Fremont Brewing Company.

(Maker's and Wine pics by Alissa, Giant IPA pic by Greg Dewar)

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All three of the Giants World Series wines are at the liquor store across from The Dark Room on mission at 19th. I almost bought em Saturday night

Actually, the Giants IPA beer is not from the fremont brewing company at all. My brother made them. The “interurban brewing concern” on the bottle is a name he made up.

At which Bevmo was that Maker’s Mark available?

i actually found the makers mark at the corte madera bevmo. lame.