Bernal Heights Now Officially a "Hipster 'Hood"

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Breaking real estate news, guys!  As you may recall, last week, Bernalwood pondered their neighborhood isn't more of a “hipster” neighborhood.  Well, according to these two 'absolutely dreamy' realtors sporting angelic blue shirts, Bernal Heights is already a “hipster 'hood”.  Don't you see them, Bernalwood?  They're everywhere!

Now, before we all get crazy with the eye-rolling, remember that realtors were calling the Mission “hip” and “edgy” long before Mick Jagger and Bill Clinton ate at Slanted Door.  So, even if Bernal Heights doesn't have the requisite number of empty warehouses to truly be a rad neighborhood, I'm sure we can look forward to “Big Realty” pushing this branding down the city's neck for years to come.

(“Bernal Heights” by E. Dale Erickson)

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Big Realty hahahhahhahahahaha. Love it.

Glad you liked the blue shirts, I’ve never been called “absolutely dreamy” before! Cheers, Matt