Are Juice Boxes of Jameson the Next Four Loko?

If you missed last night's episode of Sons of Anarchy, you missed a glimpse on what could be one of the most significant liquor industry game-changers since the 21st amendment.  I'm actually amazed no one has thought of this sooner.  Its size is perfect for the movie theater, park, or high school cafeteria.  Plus, it makes a fantastic popping noise when you stomp on an empty.

Anyway, I've searched the internets far and wide to figure out where I can buy this groundbreaking product, but all that turns up where a bunch of queries on Yahoo! Answers trying to find the same thing.  Perhaps this was just a teaser product placement?

(gif via Dan's Page)

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They’ve had some kind of juicebox wine thing around for a bit. I think it’s made by Coppola. It tastes like shit, but should fit nicely in your lunchbox.

Yeah, but wine isn’t Jameson.

The Bandit boxwine is actually rad. And like 8 bucks for a box that’s the same size as a bottle and a half of wine that I can’t break if I drop my bag. Fully supportive of the boxed-beverage industry. Get on it, Jameson!

I used to use juice boxes of wine for cooking in France, but it warn’t no Jameson! (And there wasn’t a straw, as it was actually for cooking, quite convenient really.)

they sell juice boxes of rum in colombia and ecuador and juice boxes of gato negro wine in chile. someone needs to work on importing them here in good ol’ america

they sell premixed bulleit and cokes in australia. i have one on my nightstand. just in case

is it in a juice box? i need a few of these to put in the emergency backpack my mother makes me keep in my closet.

Actually, back in the late 80s, some Italian wine was sold in individual juice box style containers. However, because people in America are fucking idiots, many people were buying them and didn’t pay attention, and kids were bringing wine to school so the government flipped the fuck out and stopped them.

yes, once again people too stupid to have kids, had them, and because of their bullshit, well…you get the idea.

HOWEVER, if you go to True Sake they have juice boxes of sake you can put in the freezer and then hide in a coat. by the time you drink it it’s the right temp. They also have what’s called in Japan “Subway Sake” - sake in small cans designed to be enjoyed on a train or subway.

Sounds like I may be having Sake on the slopes this season… WOOT!

Jameson Juice boxes were just a prop for the show. They do not exist.. sorry guys

Maybe the luck of the Irish will be granted…. I WANT A 6 PACK!! It’s Christmas time! Shoot, wouldn’t everyone LOVE to have a Jameson juice box in their stocking???? Let’s start a petition!