More WikiLeaks Street Art Going Up on Valencia

This is easily one of the smartest wheatpastings I've seen on Valencia in some time.  “Sandwich” took stills from the leaked video of two Reuter's staffers and numerous other unarmed civilians being murdered (commonly named “Collateral Murder”) and overlaid gameplay from Halo 2 on top of them.  Surely a commentary on the soldiers featured in the video, whose impatience while waiting for orders to open fire displayed an utter contempt for human life, as well as modern warfare in general.

As this is Sandwich's second piece of street art to go up this month, it looks like we have a new political street artist roaming around the Mission who is quickly upstaging the more imfamous figures out there.

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i’m pretty sure that wheatpaste is actually featuring an overlaid screencap from the original Halo, as Halo 2 doesn’t have that style of assault rifle or HUD.

if you look at the wheatpaste, then back at the linked photo , you can probably see the differences.

Its ALL Halo 3. Every element of overlain UI is from Halo 3. I can assure you of this.

For example:…

Halo 1:

Notice how the shield indicator is in the top middle in Halo 3, and the ammo counts on the top right. In halo 1 the ammo count is on the top left, and the shield (and health) are on the top right.

I’m not entirely sure what the artist is trying to get at here. Halo goes out of its way to deal with friendly fire in a believable (if you shoot a friendly, they will react to getting shot and eventually die) way, but still strongly discourage it (you kill a couple of them, and all your allies will turn on you with increased deadliness). Pretty much all the characters you meet will either be non-humans trying to kill you, or humans trying to help you. You are NEVER ordered to fire on humans (even when you play as an Alien in the second game).

The latest release in the series, Halo: Reach, does feature quite a few unarmed civilians in one of its levels, but if you even accidentally kill one for any reason, you, yourself, are killed by the game instantly and the world is reverted to the last checkpoint.

Their impatience was not derived from a contempt for human life, but rather the fact that they saw men with guns a few blocks away from their friends on the ground.

I was going to refrain from calling you a pretentious fuck, but I’m going to do it anyway, you pretentious fuck.

That comment is bull shit and you know it. There are many many documented cases of soldiers who have become war-warped monsters, and this is another example.

wow so just overlapping an image of halo onto an other picture is considered art. pretty easy

You idiots. This isn’t Halo 2. Halo 2 didn’t have the Assualt Rifle. EVER.

If you checked your facts and actually watch the video, you’d hear that they did have a green light to engage.

It just so happens that their call-outs of Kalashnikovs and RPGs were mistaken. They still had clearance to take every shot they did.

Stuff like this is why I dropped out of Art School when I had a $60,000 scholarship.

Remember when being an artist meant honing your craft for years and being subtle in your messages?

Art is gay.

Something to be learned from this leaked video:

War SUCKS. It just plain is awful. Things like this, with simple visual mistakes leading to the death of innocents, are made SO much more probable during war. The soldiers aren’t bad; they made a mistake. But still, people were killed that shouldn’t have been. This is the primary reason why war is BAD, and should only be undertaken as a very last resort, as an act of defense against imminent attack.

This is the Christian position, and Christians should think about it more. I wish I had when I was younger than 30.

From data provided by the DoD, Red Cross and other sources.

Estimated number of Iraqis killed in the US occupation of Iraq; 1,421,933. Estimated number of Afghans killed since the US invasion; 6,982.

Number of U.S. troops that are officially acknowledged killed in Iraq; 4,748. Those seriously wounded; 31,882.

Number of International Occupation Force Troops killed in Afghanistan: 2,264. Those seriously wounded; 3,420.

US cost of occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan so far; $1,122,814,647,520.

The ultimate price of the US governments never ending wars; National bankruptcy.

Hey I posted something here a couple of days ago. Did you erase it? Because if you did, you’re no fucking artist, you’re a goddam censorist whose only goal is style points. What a fucking waste.

1) I didn’t delete any comments
2) I wasn’t the artist.

Nobody gives a shit when soldiers act this exact same way in all the videos of this type killing enemy combatants, but if they accidentally kill civilians (thinking they are combatants) while acting the SAME way, holy shit it is like they don’t even care.