Dolores Park Church Now Some Bougie Club/Lounge

Last night I overheard someone mention that there was an upscale open bar at Dolores Park Church.  So I took one look at my tshirt with kittens printed on it and jeans covered in mud, figured that was good enough and rolled.  Now, I'm not really sure what was going on last night, but there were a lot of people wearing suits, cocktail dresses, some bongos, and lots of free Don Julio.

Will they be doing this again?  No one really had an answer for me, but considering the number of boisterous drunks outside (primarily me), I'm sure the NIMBY neighbors will have a good cry with some city officials who otherwise wouldn't care.

Also, nice bathrooms!

Bro was 'crushing it'

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Yes, it was all about promo for the Don Julio. Glad you had a good time.