Luna Park Tries Too Hard to be Cool (But it Totally Works)

I went into Luna Park the other day to blow $15 dollars on pasta and figured, “Hey, while I'm here, I might as well splurge on a three dollar PBR.”  Sure enough, my PBR came to me in a brown bag, neatly folded over to the correct height and diameter of the can.  First I thought, “I'm not homeless.”  Then I thought about how terrible for the environment it was.  Then I laughed at how Luna Park was trying too hard to be cool in the eyes of 'fucking hipsters.'  Then I realized I enjoyed the attention to detail, even if it was totally unnecessary.  Christ, I never knew a fucking Pabst could make me experience a range of emotions.  I'm going to go cry into my pillow and listen to Sunny Day Real Estate.

Comments (2)

Oof. Maybe they can put some trash around your plate too so it looks like you’ve been dumpster diving for your dinner.

Yes, and how about a steaming shit dump sitting under your table. That would really clinch the Mission experience.