Important News About Being Drunk and Eating Guacamole on Mission St!

Last Friday Guerilla Guac, a pop-up late night guacamole vendor, appeared late night out front of Grand Coffee at 2663 Mission St.  Guerilla Guac was serving up tortilla chip bowl fulls that were so good I would have thought they were awesome regardless of being drunk or not.  The proprietor, Richard, was joining another pop-up vendor, Soup Dup, who had started slanging his goods late night at Grand Coffee the week prior (last time it was a bomb corn chowder, but he rotates his menu every week).  

Tonight, Guerilla Guac and Soup Dup are set to return to Grand Coffee from 9:30pm to 1:30am.  If all goes well tonight, they might be back again next Friday.

Missionites; get your drunk munchies on. 

Guerilla Guac tears it up by candlelight.

Sup Dup brings the chowda.

Comments (4)

people are standing in line for guac and chips? are they fucking retarded? I could see if this was free and you were wasted but to actually pay for this? This whole streetfood trainwreck bullshit is getting ridiculous

Shouldn’t it be called Gringo Guac?

hey serg i’ll be giving away free cans of whoop-ass tonight at grand coffee; roll through dog.

I like the fashionable stainless steel.