Don't Call it Frisco

I guess Mike Giant and Herb Caen don't see eye to eye on this one.

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Lighten up

my mother taught me that only “the ignorant” call it “Frisco”, when I asked her about it from a Scrooge McDuck comic I was reading….

Herb Caen, from Sacramento said “Don’t call it Frisco.”

All four generations of my family, sailors, soldiers and longshoremen mostly, called our home place Frisco. The sNobs at the top of the hills, Caen’s preferred crowd, wanted to turn the Barbary Coast into a gala theme party. The rest of the town, the workers, had May 1st and Labor Day parties/marches in the streets.

Those crusty relatives of mine spoke all of Frisco’s languages, Spanish, Frisco Cantonese, Tagalog, and English with a flattened Brooklyn-ish accent.