Bicycle-Themed Parklet Coming to Valencia?

While buying some parts at Freewheel to finish building up my 15th bicycle (costly hobbies people!), I was handed a petition encouraging the city to build a bike/community parklet infront of the business.  Part of the Pavement to Parks initiative, Freewheel is proposing that the parklet be home to a bicycle repair station for flats and other small repairs, as well as general seating for people to hang out at.  Apparently the idea came from watching customers buy parts at the shop and then occupy space on the sidewalk to install the parts (which could become illegal this November), so I'm assuming neighboring businesses are all for the petition.

Unfortunately, Freewheel isn't really good at the internet, so you'll have to swing by their shop if you want to support the campaign/want to engage your inner-SFgate commenter and yell at them for creating an anti-car environment and depriving the city of much needed meter revenues.

(photo by Kim Q.)

Comments (2)

only trouble is that stretch of sidewalk is usually pretty shady. let’s get some sun!

So Freewheel wants the city to provide free outdoor space so that they can sell more product. Sweet. Can I get the city to install a 4th bedroom parklet in the parking space outside my flat so I can rent it out?

This parklet thing started with questionable intentions (thanks to Rossy M and the Mojo people) and is now mushrooming. I’m sure it will end acrimoniously, and I’ll enjoy watching it.