21-Years Ago, San Franciscan's Priorities Were No Different

With the Giants in the playoffs and all the talk of the anniversary Loma Prieta earthquake the other day, I started digging through old pictures of the disaster.  Eventually I came across this Chronicle photo captioned, “Emergency workers help salvage possessions belonging to residents of San Francisco's Marina district after the October 1989 earthquake.”

Homes in the background are completely destroyed and people are busy fishing out their bikes, surfboards and skis.  Man, I love this town.

(photo uploaded by Bob Bobster.  Originally published in the SF Chronicle)

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But they’re Marinans shouldn’t you be despising them? bro?

The Marina wasn’t doucheville, back then.

The earth quake destroyed marina – it was rebuilt. Everyone feared living there, rent was cheap; college students moved in. Over time, it became more desirable, raising rent to the extreme yuppy level. These days, students have more to spend on marina rent than I do with a paid profession.

The Marina was different back then. Seems after that madness (my family housed a family whose house had collapsed for example), many did not want to return to houses built on squishy garbage.

Love this shot! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


it’s not built on garbage. you must be new around here. landfill= sand and other earth materials

Still have this postcard hanging on the wall in front of my desk. Also, that is not a surfboard. The slot in the center of the board is for a daggerboard which surfboard design does not incorporate. This is Bic windsurf board. 3rd Avenue love.

Sorry earlier commenters, but yes, the Marina was doucheville back then. It played exactly the same role in SF’s overall culture that it does today

Git that renters’ insurance!!