One-Woman Act

Last evening I stumbled across this one-woman act jamming for mad tips on Valencia.  Sadly I didn't have my blogphone on me, but lucky for us, Nuzz did.  For some reason, her crazy setup and walk reminded me of one of those wind-up monkeys with a tambourine, only with much better music and nicer shoes.

(photo by nuzz)

Comments (3)

Despite a small repertoire consisting of Michael Jackson and Prince songs, girl is quite entertaining, and even quite considerate. When I saw her playing on Valencia on a Saturday and I asked why she didn’t storm the heavily populated Dolores Park, she explained that she prefers playing where people can stop if they want to, instead of forcing people to listen.

It’s good to see that theater and/or music majors can still find work these days.

i was completely enjoying this. even disappointed to not see her there the last few days. maybe i should have dropped a buck instead of walking by like i could care less (as evidenced in this video).