How Was Saturday's Big Lebowski Movie Night?

Pretty fucking amazing:

Luckily for me, some of my more ambitious friends loaded a murder van full of couches, rugs, tables and coolers early Saturday morning and setup shop front row, so my lazy ass could roll up at 7:45pm and get a prime seat.  Unfortunately, I missed the real show: the pre-show.  Rumors have it that there was a tecate yoga session, a man in a purple jumpsuit dressed as Da Jesus selling white russians, and indie-rock cool-kids Phoenix filmed a music video in the park.  Oh well.

Also, the park had a couple of people in it.

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predictably there was a wave of tags all over every building leading away from the park on 18th and 19th street. I am certain that this will become another Nimby issue about having events in the park.


Eye„ Then that would be dumb. I have the record of taking the most pictures of graffiti and sending them to the City for cleaning, Check out my work at If there was any more graffiti tagging that night it had to do with the warm nights, not that there were thousands of people walking on 18th and 19th Street. Just like the park, when there are lots of people there, it is safer, better more fun. With 30 people walking by every minute, there is little time to be a vandal. We were sitting so far back, that we could’n even tell what movie was going on. But enjoyed it all.

you’re probably right - i wasn’t complaining, just worried…