Free Ride


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*Real* fare evaders do this all the way into the Market St. tunnel.

Free ride now, but from a character perspective, a long depressing slog most likely after age 30. Sometimes bad cats make great kittens. But with people its a dicy presumption.

Hate to tell you this, but judgmental shitsacks grow up to be grumpy old farts who get abandoned in nursing homes.

Well said, sir! Well said!

What a dumbass. I never seen fare inspectors check outside the underground stations. He would be safe until Church at the earliest.

I saw a guy doing this once when there was a 15min gap between trains on the N (during rush hour). The first one to come along was super packed.

Hey, that kinda looks like my drug dealer.

Savage. Would so love to know where he started and where he jumped off.

YOU ASSHOLES! Why do you always have to blow up everything on the internets that you don’t have the balls to do? You know the authorities read this shit, right? Don’t talk about your drug dealer or fun illegal shit that kids do on your blog, you Abby Hoffman ass motherfucker. So unchill.