Want to Know What It's Like to Sail in the Bay?

Sunset Sail in the Bay from daniel jarvis on Vimeo.

Daniel Jarvis, who, if we're lucky, is going to start doing shooting video for this very blog, decided to take his camera out on a boat this weekend.  Lucky for you, he didn't put SNL in the soundtrack.  Enjoy.

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Not that many years ago (maybe ten?) the in laws were in town and looking to party, so we found an erstwhile “Captain” of a snappy 40-footer and took ‘em out on the bay for the day.

It was delightful. And the 1st mate of the old, white haired but clearly rrrrandy captain was none other than Margo St. James. That would be the worlds most famous modern sex worker, founder of Coyote, the organizational equivalent of NORML for hookers.

The in laws were devout Catholics, but everyone had a big time. Sailing on the bay has a way of helping you past your preconceived notions about things.

toro y moi fucking rawks.

Hey Kev!

Sorry I haven’t logged on in a few days. What an awesome surprise to see the blog is still going! Not many non-profits have this kind of longevity! See you in the bike lane!

The Eric