Eviction of Ike's covered by SF Gate over six hours ago, local blogs still haven't reblogged the story

It's been over six hours since mainstream news source SF Gate covered the eviction of popular sandwich shop Ike's Place and nearly three since Eater blew up the spot, but the non-foodcentric big local blogs are still eerily quiet.    Instead, sizzling hot trending topics like iPhone donut finder apps, how shitty this weekend's weather will be, and tainted meat in Modesto seem to be all the rage.  

Is Ike's 'old news'?

Will anyone miss it when it's gone?

If a trendy establishment closes in SF and nobody blogs it, was it ever really there?

Or are the local/hyperlocal blogs merrily building up to drop the mother of all posts and bust this Ike's story 'wide open'? 

Bonus Question: Am I reading too much HRO?

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I too, was wondering where the coverage was…

of course you guys did, but this is directed at the more general SF blogs (ie: ones that cover the same wide berth of topics that we do, not food specific blogs). i intentionally left out Eater, but I’ve edited to clarify.

Does anyone actually care? The service there was so crappy, the wait so long… I can get a better sandwich without the hassle.

Is there a word for a blog that blogs about what the other blogs blog about? Or is that still just”blog”?


Because I’m not waiting 2 hours for a sandwich that really isn’t amazing?

I thought the Aggie was amazing, but since I was always stoned when I ate there, I can’t *really* vouch for it, y’know?

But yeah, haven’t been there in a year.

So if an event happens and isn’t blogged about, did it really happen?
The presumed self importance of the chattering classes never ceases to amuse me.

despite living 2 blocks from Ike’s, I never had one until they opened their outpost in Redwood Shores. I’ve had the Matt Cain and the ½ and both were great. Ike needs to move to Valencia, or onto Market into established commercial space and he’ll make bank