The Biggest Development in Valencia St. Dining We've Seen in Years

BIG NEWS IN HIPSTER DINING: Recognizing that everyone in the Mission is secretly a child, the newly opened Crepe House on Valencia and 22nd has stocked the place with animal placemats and crayons.  This made my hungover, juvenile mind so happy.

Aren't I such a good lil' artist?(I got the gorilla)

This seriously brought me back to the good old days of eating crappy sandwiches and delicious clown ice cream sundaes at Friendly's as a child, which means this place automatically gets 5 ironic stars.  Just like Friendly's, their food wasn't the best (if you want really killer crepes, go to Ti Couz), but it was reasonable for a cheap 8am breakfast.

Anyway, thank you, Crepe House, for satiating my primal urges for crayons.

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I specifically return to places that have coloring placemats, or the grand high placemat, white butcher paper and a mug of crayons. Butcher paper and crayons trumps placemat, but only by a little.

Also, with my day job as a nanny, I get to bring crayons and paper everywhere with me, which makes this every place in the world. Yes you can be jealous.