NIMBY Early Warning System: Target - San Francisco

I had heard rumors of Target coming to the Metreon for some time. What I didn't know is that they are also considering opening a store in my neighborhood's very own vacant Orwellian complex of doom (also known as the former site of Meryn's).  

Please NIMBYs, don't fuck this up.  You've got over 600 vacant parking spots up there at the Geary location, and I've never seen more than 40 or 50 cars there when I popped into Best Buy.  These stores will generate huge amounts of tax revenue for the City and create around 200 jobs each.  And if the suggestion of creating a Target delivery service is taken seriously, even more new jobs will be available.  

For real though.  I want my discount 'Classics of the 80s' double feature DVDs and 50 pack of Mach 3 razors without having to pay for a Costco membership.  And I want my elderly Asian neighbor next door to be able to have the opportunity to have a half decent job in the neighborhood, and we all know that Trader Joe's isn't going to hire her.  

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In fact, there ARE no nimbys for this project – at least not yet. I went to the meeting last night, and everyone wants Target.

What nobody wants, obvs, is for it to take 3 hours to get there. The 43 and 38 are already super-slow, and more traffic would make ‘em even slower unless Masonic is fixed. I’d encourage folks to sign up for Fix Masonic’s mailing list to make sure, when Target comes in, you’ll actually be able to reach it.

Also, allegedly Target gave $150,000 to an organization that’s working to elect an anti-gay politician in Minnesota, so that might be a deal-breaker for some folks. But, hey, cheap toothpaste!

Target in San Francisco as early as 2012? Damn, it really is the END OF THE WORLD. Enjoy those cheap ass Razors while you can, Zach.

target is the truth. fuck driving to daly city.

you think people living at the regis or the four seasons private residences give a shit about target being there. if i can send my concierge to grab me some low priced, first run, brand name thingajig and be back in time before I finish my first glass of lagavulin, i sure as fuck will.

<3 target.

you need to stop fucking with mach 3’s and invest in a safety razor, you’re getting robbed no matter where you buy that bullshit