Grand Opening for Grand Coffee on Mission

Peep this: a new coffee shop just opened up on Mission between 22nd and 23rd.  Normally this wouldn't be notable, but the inside of this place is straight-up badass.  The owner took the old Grand Theater's concession stand and turned it into a small coffee kiosk.  He also reclaimed some redwood floors and used them to cover up all the conduit, ensuring that Grand Coffee will be a hit with the flickrnets.  No real seating in this place, but they serve reasonably priced Ritual Four Barrel and should have tea starting next week.

Go feed your addiction, people.

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the coffee is from four barrel…i thought i mentioned that. the reclaimed redwood is from the amistad (inside joke that went bad). and i now have seating inside, 4 stools to be exact. but if we flip them over we got seating for 16. yeah i’ll stop now before i alienate everyone…