Criminal Activity Advisory: Blipsters Thieving in the Western Addition

The Tenderloin Geographic Society brings us troubling news a group of blipsters are robbing people of their prized Apple products in the Western Addition.  Heads up, everyone!


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These people tried to swipe my phone when I was in Dalva last weekend - no joke. They are making the rounds but obviously not being smart about it….

I’m glad this blog still calls the area Western Addition and not NOPA, especially when it’s associated it with crime. Bad for PR and Craigslist postings.

@megalush -

how did they try to swipe it? Very curious about the details of this. I’m a phone thief myself, so anything I can learn would be appreciated.


The same group of kids stole my iphone during happy hour at Fly bar on Divisadaro and Fulton on the 15th. It was bullshit they came in and distracted my friend and I by asking us about the pool stuff and one of them swiped my phone of the table while we were looking the other way. Didnt even realize until we were leaving maybe 15 or 20 mins latter.

I filed a police report but no word on that yet.

Keep an eye out


@elliot I was there at Dalva when it went down. Megalush went out for a smoke, leaving her wallet and iphone on the bar next to me. It was still slow, early happy hour. The group walked in and the “energetic male” approached the bar, pushed himself in front of me while loudly asking no one in particular if they could get drinks, that they didn’t have IDs. He leaned back from the bar and I immediately noticed the iphone was gone and ms. heavy set was walking out the door. I grabbed her and said to give the phone back and she just just stood there shaking her head. When I turned to Megalush to tell her what’s up, ms. heavy handed it over and the group left.

It was a total distraction game. They prob saw the phone on the bar from the entrance and thought it was easy pickins. The description in the flyer is pretty accurate.

Thanks @ekai, sounds crazy.


did you really say blipster? fuck your casual racism, you comfortable twit.