4 Loko Enlists Local News Station for Youth Ad Campaign

No, not really.  But when a field reporter's opening line is “…Cops and kids say just one can of 4 Loko can make you do some crazy things…” you have to wonder what the hell the producer was thinking when they approved the script.  

However sensationalized and fear based News 12's coverage may be ('NIMBY WATCH: FOUR LOKO NAZI RAPE JUICE NOW EVERYWHERE; WILL FIND YOUR KIDS AND SODOMIZE THEM; MORE AT ELEVEN'), I'd say that the statements made in this segment are fairly accurate.  After downing a whole can myself in a span of 20 or 30 minutes I was in fact “way gone”, as underage diabetic lame-o Morgan Rowland so aptly puts it.

Rowland seems like the ideal candidate to be a spokesman for anti-alcohol watchdog group, Marin Institute, who in August of last year issued a video 'warning' concerning Joose and 4 Loko.  Their anti-Loko campaign doesn't seem to have had the intended effect.  Loko is more popular than ever, and since the video was produced Loko's alcohol content seems to have risen from 11 to 12% (Thanks Marin Institute!)

I wonder what these San Rafael based NIMLS (Not In My Liquor Store) would think of the News 12 segment. Personally, every time I watch it makes me want go down the street to the 24 Hour Market (open Monday through Saturday, 11am to 2am) to cop me a cranberry lemonade and get Loko'd.  

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i don’t care how old you are, if you’re getting hospitalized after ONE loko, you’re LTGing. and by that i mean “losing the game.”

yeah this is shocking because kids never drank malt liquor before. four loko is simply succeeding where joose is failing

The entire news segment makes me want to stick my head in an oven.

“The scary part is you can buy this product practically anywhere”.
Yes and you can also by Bacardi 151 practically anywhere, but in both cases the guy at the store SHOULD BE CHECKING IDs!. Alcohol and caffeine content shouldn’t dictate ease of purchase last time i checked the law.

I also love how the 19 year old diabetic who “has never tried the stuff” (BS), is doing the interview in front of a potpourri of booze. Nice image to leave the audience with.

Im a douchebag…im still not sure how I feel about that!!!

WTF!!! 4’loko Is Fukin Amazinqq !!! Im Fukin 13 Yeers Oldd &+ iCan Handle It !! FUKIN AMAZINGG!!!! iLove 4’loko !!