Sunday Streets Recap

Sunday Streets is the best.  I feel like the whole neighborhood gets together to ride bikes, walk and take pictures of each other.  What's not to like?

This guy was easily the most blogged about/highlight of Sunday streets.  Somehow, this mastermind figured out how to engineer a bicycle-piano hybrid.  Mind blown.

The crazies were out in full force, including one man who took the rare opportunity of a car-free Valencia to exorcise himself.

Speaking of crazies, Mission Loc@l had a table setup and were signing people up for their email list.  Unfortunately they were not giving away their tshirts to assholes.

Plant-based fashion was all the rage this year, as these two “totally not fucked up” individuals demonstrated.

While I was humored by the dudes with their palm hats, I think The Plant Bike might be taking the safari theme too far.  Was he demonstrating the utility of the bicycle or just trying to be stand out in the jungle of cool?

After the streets were opened back up to cars at 3pm, the internet decided to descend upon Dolores Park.  After a day of Burning Man bikes, bands and costumes, some dude rolling balls believing he was an eagle in flight was largely ignored.