Pica Pica: Good Food, Thankfully Not Pokemon Themed

When I was getting ready to flee Boston, Mérida in Venezuela was the foreign city I most wanted to move to.  Besides being at the foot of the Andes, they have an ice cream shop with over 800 flavors.  I figured I could easily keep myself entertained in that town for at least 800 days.  But I gringoed out and moved to San Francisco instead.  Look what I missed.  Not only do I not know what rose petal ice cream tastes like, but I am not spending every day feasting on cachapas.  Thankfully Pica Pica on 15th and Valencia is, as this Venezuelan kid phrased it in Dolores Park, “fucking legit.”

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Glad I’m not the only one who thought of Pokemon when I heard the name.

Team Rocket is scouting the place…

Damn that looks good. Adding this to my short list of things to try!

Dude, I had that thing with beef and it was really good.

Rose pedal?

Ahhhhhh shit.

just down the street the indian ice cream place serves rose petal ice cream (also, saffron, pistachio and cardamon amongst others).

Don’t be such a shitsack; before you bought a one-way Greyhound ticket to San Francisco you only knew 31-derful flavors.

No sense of humor on this one.

Not only is it fucking legit, they also give you 10% off if you are from Venezuela. Gotta love eating your food knowing that they just paid your taxes for you, damn gringos.

Haven’t tried Pica Pica yet, but the place on Mission across from Rosamunde served me a damn tasty arepa the other day. Maybe it’s time for an arepa-off.