If San Francisco Crime Was Elevation

Reader “Mission Grinch” sends us this excellent map of Crime data in SF:

Congratulations to the hard working whores of Capp street for bringing home the city's prostitution championship. What would that trophy look like?

The sad part is that Capp St. straight up DOMINATES in that category.  That said, I was surprised how little robbery happens in the Mission.

Be sure to check out the full set on Doug McCune's blog.

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Are those little pimples of prostitution in the Richmond and Outer Sunset individual stings or some kind of actual prostitution hot spot?

Yes. There are quite a few underground Asian prostitution rings out in the Outer Sunset.

The prostitution graph kinda looks like a shark attack!!

I have been living at Shotwell and 19th for a few months now and we have some really exciting and amazing prostitutes on our corner. Including some I would bet are police plants. Sometimes there are women standing straight up in the middle of the intersection, there is a white van on the corner and two men just kind of hanging out under a tree “talking for hours”. A police care even rolled by here once. It seems like it may be a sting…just a warning to the johns out there.

What’s the actual number of arrests? I’ve lived in the area and unless they dress like stumpy hispanics in black baggy pants, ball caps and white Ts, then I’m not sure what a whore looks like these days. Most that I ever see on those HBO shows don’t wear much…where are they?

That’s why – How many actual arrests are there is an important question for that shark fin graph. With the Internet available to most isn’t most whoring online? Seems like it is a bj in exchange for a crack pipe.

The hookers on 22nd street are pretty much easy to spot. Big black girls around 200 pounds wearing skimpy clothes! They look quite young also. I would say around 16 years old. They tend to favor shoes with see through heels? I feel sorry for them but wish they would leave my street. As a girl if your walking around normally when they are out you have weird men leering at you from their cars.