Cheap Beer Taste Test Reveals Mission Hipsters Don't Know Their Cheap Beers, Identifies PBR as the Worst

From the OH THAT'S RICH department: I rolled to a “cheap beer taste test” Friday night.

We are going to have a blind taste test of cheap beers tonight. I bet out of 10 that nobody can identify more than 3. DRESS TO IMPRESS.


  1. Of the 15 or so people duking it out, most people couldn't identify any of the beers (I personally got zero).
  2. The winner could only successfully name 4 out of 12.
  3. This gang of Mission kids found it easiest to identify Budweiser and Coors Light.
  4. No one could ID Bud Light, MGD, Miller Lite, and King Cobra.
  5. Cup #3 was crowned the best.  It was Olympia.
  6. Everyone was disgusted by cup #5 and insisted it was King Cobra or Busch.  It was PBR.

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we can safely say that we can only adequately judge a cheap beer by the magnitude of the headache the next morning. i say just mix ‘em up and get blasted. these beers were never meant to please our palettes.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to tour Anchor Brewing Co.

No Simpler Times?!?
No Steel Reserve?

If we’re talking headaches I’d say Bud and Miller win. But that’s taking out King Cobra, ‘cause malt liquor seems like an automatic.

good times, we did the same thing a while ago but we included simpler times and pacifico. pbr rated the worst too. everybody loved bud though.

on another note, i got my track jacket stolen from the phone booth a little more than a month ago. it was black, teal, and grey… the bottom of the sleeve looked a lot like the bloody thumb guy. if it’s a volcom jacket and you bought it used recently (benefit of the doubt), it’s probably mine as it’s old and i never saw anyone else in the city with one. i’m not trying to be a dick, but it has sentimental value and not many jackets have a teal stripe running down the length of the sleeve. thanks.

Dear florabama,

Sorry to hear about your jacket. Sounds serious.


sorry you lost your jacket at phonebooth. h&m sold me that jacket though so it’s probably not it

cool, thanks for responding.


My real name is Olympia and I approve of this posting. Olympia is also brewed by Pabst. Also for a cheap beer, I can never seem to find Olympia anywhere except for *some* bars, which give me free cans if I show them my ID. werd

I feel like Olympia and Colt 45 are some of the more difficult beers to find in the Mission. But you can swing by Rhea’s Deli as well as the packie on the corner of 22nd and Mission next to La Altena. Those are generally reliable sources.

Date me.

olympia, PBR and miller are all brewed in LA by miller! they also brew rainier.

but they no longer make Olympia Dark, which fucking kicked ass.

Since it is brewed by PBR, Olympia and PBR (and Rainier and yada yada yada) are probably the exact same beer. So the premise of the article is meaningless.