"Apple handing out water & granola to iPhone 4 customers like they are refugees"

Jesse over at Beer and Nosh peeped this scene about an hour ago.  As a sign that I'm not a true San Franciscan, I honestly don't get why people do this to themselves.  It's a device that connects you to the internet.  Presumably, you are already connected to said internet (via needing iTunes to use the damn phone), so you've probably heard of this ecommerce thing.  Whatever.  Free snacks!

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All of this just for a phone that doesn’t even get reception in San Francisco. Morons.

that joke got old 3 years ago. in other news, i’ve already lost my virginity seven and a half times today thanks to my iPhone 4. twice over ‘face time’.

They were giving out Krispy Kreme and Chipotle mini burritos tonight. Chubby kid consumerism at it’s finest!