lollergeddon: "Burrito triggers SF bomb squad, disrupts Muni N-Judah rail service"

The terrorists just won the war:

A suspicious package containing a burrito disrupted San Francisco Municipal Railway Service in the city’s Sunset District early Tuesday and prompted a response by the bomb squad.

A witness on the scene reported the package was found to contain a burrito.

I’m worried for our safety.  Are trigger happy BART cops going to ‘bust shots’ in my chest because I’m hungry for some rice and guac at 2am?  Trick question.

(via Bay City News)

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a burrito on the N is no big thing, but someone who’s eaten like , half a dozen of those snicker bar burritos like the one pictures? talk about your human rights violations being committed. call in the UN!

Usually I wait until AFTER the burritos are consumed to call the bomb squad, if you know what I’m saying.

And just to be clear, I’m referring to when I’m bombing the navy that lives in my toilet.