Giant, Multi-Headed, Fire-Breathing, Heavy Metal Buddha Going Up at City Hall

Man, you thought the Jesus-freaks hated San Francisco before, wait’ll they get wind of this thing. They started putting up Zhang Huan’s multi-headed beast of a Buddha across from City Hall today. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s fire-breathing after all, but they should definitely consider an upgrade. Here’s some reporting on it from the Examiner, which I believe is some sort of  print newspaper. I’m just glad I don’t have to go hang out with a bunch of dread-locked, drugged-up, dirt twirlers in the desert to see crazy, giant statues like this. So, good job to whoever is responsible for this.

I did not notice a Banksy stencil on any of it, so this will probably not be of much interest to most of you, but it is throwing up heavy metal horns:

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This is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen, I knew there are huge statues of Buddha in the world but I never saw them this way, it makes you wonder even more. Is this the statue of Buddha Maitreya? I think they have something similar but on a much smaller scale at the Buddhist church in our city.